Thanks for checking out my site! This will serve as my “hub,” for my work to be displayed.

I specialize in web presence. If you have a goal in mind for your business anywhere from a simple drop=ship online store to service based work… I can make it a reality. I have business accounts with Shopify and have fairly extensive knowledge of WordPress.

In addition to online presence, I also offer a variety of services for digital media. I will not claim to be a graphic designer, but I am very comfortable behind the lens of a camera whether it be for photography or digital film. I have professional equipment with professional editing software and I take pride in a clean and polished final product.

Once our contract is fulfilled, you will own 100% full rights and ownership of any product or service. Meaning, I won’t hold your domain hostage each year and demand a re-payment. I won’t watermark my images. You will receive FULL resolution EVERYTHING on the same day I receive final payment. This also means, that you will be providing payment and contact information to the agreed upon web/e-mail host or any social media.

Please check out my photography and digital film in the pages above, as well as my completed websites to the left. Use the contact form to reach me directly.



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